I Have Tickets

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De hierna vetgedrukte begrippen hebben in deze Algemene Voorwaarden de volgende betekenis:

Toepasselijkheid Algemene Voorwaarden

- In short: The general conditions of IHT are binding.

Totstandkoming Overeenkomst

- In brief: Check your data before clicking on pay.

Prijzen en betaling

- In brief: Organizer / Seller determined the price. Bank handled the payment. IHT regulates tickets.


- In brief: Check your e-mail address before clicking on pay.

Afgelaste of verschoven Evenements

- In brief: Visit the website of organizer / Seller regularly in case there are unexpected changes.


- In brief: Check the ticket for any errors and be careful with it. Broken and unreadable tickets are not valid.

Intellectuele en Industriele Eigendomsrechten

- In short: Logos and Trademarks on the ticket may not be removed or misused.


- In short: You are responsible for your ticket and yourself.


- In brief: In case of force majeure IHT is not liable.

Toepasselijk recht en bevoegde rechter