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Convenience for the visitor, convenience for you!
Convenience for the visitor, convenience for you!
the complete package for online ticketing and event management.


Start selling tickets today!

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Welcome to I Have Tickets, THE starting point for your event.
At I Have Tickets you, as an organizer can arrange the sale of your e-ticket easily without immersing yourself in IT technology.

By filling out some information you can begin with the online sales of your e-ticket.

Whether it's tickets for a concert, a gala dinner, a sporting event, a theater performance or a festival ... at I Have Tickets you're at the right place!

Convenience for your visitor, convenience for you!

Selling e-tickets online in minutes.

By filling out some information you can start designing and managing your event.

Simple, easy and quick.

Once you've got your event designed and created the corresponding e-ticket, you can immediately start selling through the I Have Tickets webpage, or through the link provided for facebook and twitter.

Payments can be made via debet card, credit card, paysafecard, Mister Cash or PayPal, 100% safe.

Need help? Want to know more about the possibilities? Please contact us.
We're happy to help.

No hidden costs for you ánd no hidden fees for your visitors!

The lowest cost per visitor!

For the use of our extensive e-ticket and reservation system, IHT uses the following simple calculation for the costs.
IHT charges a fixed amount of service costs per ticket for the handling and processing of the order
(€2.50 to 500 tickets, €1.50 to 5000 tickets, €1.00 > 5000 tickets),
regardless of the amount and whether it is a reservation, free ticket or regular ticket, purchased online or at the cash register, the chosen payment method or chosen transaction method.
So there are no extra costs for the payment method on top of the price. The amount you advertise is the amount your visitor pays.

Kassatas (Cash register bag)

Easy does it and I Have Tickets makes it easy to take care of all the hassle about the access.

You do not need separate equipment or new software to use I Have Tickets. To get started you can use your own laptop or tablet and your smartphone can be used as a scanner.

Optionally, we can provide you with a `kassatas` (Cash register bag) containing a tablet, and smartphone(s) in order to carry out the access control. You only have to ask someone to use the scanner.

We can also provide a mobile ATM that allows you to accept card payments at the box office.

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Who are we?

take a look on our homepage: www.Jac-Y-Do.com

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I Have Tickets is an online events and e-tickets tool made by Jac-Y-Do.
For more information about us, please visit our website.
If you have a question about the use of I Have Tickets, please contact us using this form.

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